There’s a lot of stuff on Tumblr that is motivational, inspiring, or just an artistic/creative resource that I’m not sure I want to put on Ratscribbles even though it’s relevant. Heaven knows I have enough Tumblrs already, but should I make an inspiration blog?

Values in Composition


I’d just like to preface this with an apology for the lack of posts recently; I am drawing stuff but it’s mostly nothing I can show right now, so… sorry about that!

Anyway, here’s something I wanted to do a while back as an answer to a question I got, but didn’t get around to doing it until now. It’s a sort of guide to values in composition! 

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not good enough


Sometimes it repeats in your head. “I’m not good enough.”

You might see some amazing artwork and compare it to your own and feel lousy. You might spend hours trying to make something look right and you *just* can’t get it there. You might think your artistic contributions are useless in the long run.

Everyone feels this way from time to time, or a lot of the time. The truth is… you are your own worst critic. For the most part, anyone who sees your artwork is going to be impacted by the initial emotion you put forth and wont obsess about the flaws the way that you do.

Yeah, improvement is always the goal, but you won’t get there if the only thing you’re motivating yourself with is negativity. You can’t shame or hate yourself into being better. It doesn’t work that way! Strangely enough, you need positivity and inspiration to get you anywhere worthwhile. Practice being positive as much as you practice your skill itself- often!

I try to remember that art isn’t just a demonstration of skill, it’s a language we communicate in. It doesn’t matter so much if you can’t get the words out right, if you have something fantastic to say, it’ll come across. And the best part is everyone has something unique to say! There is only one You, so you owe it to the world to explore the unique brand of creativity that only you can procure :)

bitches I love ya. Never hate yourself for what you can’t do, but love yourself for what you try to do.