Making some visual aids for a presentation on Figure Drawing that I’m doing on Sunday. I’m nervous!


The trick is to know how to identify a worthwhile critique from one that is not.

Taken from lexxerduglas:

“A good critique is constructive. It points out things you have done successfully alongside your shortcomings, and offers advice and direction as to how these shortcomings can be improved upon. Ideally, they should come off as neutral in tone, as critique should be an objective process.

Pointing out a bunch of things that are wrong within a piece without any meaningful suggestions is just criticism, not critique.

Expressing like or dislike for a piece, or using overtly subjective qualifiers (like “good” and “bad”) isn’t even criticism, it’s opinion.

Regardless of whether or not you have received good or bad critique or criticism, whether or not you apply it to your work is entirely up to you.”

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This was super helpful for me. (clicky clicky!)

This was super helpful for me. (clicky clicky!)